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CPS Policy

It is the policy of Day Care Plus Inc. to comply with the Child Protection Law of 1975 PA 238 MCL 722.621 A Copy of the law is kept on file at the center for viewing by staff and parents. The copy is located in the red note book, kept on the directors desk.

Procedure to be followed by Day Care Plus Inc.:

• If you have a suspicion of the abuse or neglect of any child you are mandated by Day Care Plus Inc. and Michigan Law to report it immediately to the proper authorities. You will find the phone number for the Children's Protection Services and the Clawson Police Department in the rolodex located in the office.
• You are also required to notify the director or senior caregiver immediately.
• For the privacy and protection of all families involved you may not discuss your suspicion with any other staff, parents, or other individuals in or out of the center, except when speaking to the authorities, Director, or senior staff member.
• You are expected to cooperate completely with authorities, you must allow them access to the child involved, and provide a private place for them to conduct an interview.
• Anything that is dicussed with you must be kept in the strictest of confidence: it shall not be discussed in front of children, staff members, or parents.
• Failure to comply with this policy will result in termination and could result in criminal charges.

Child Protection Law Act 238 0f 1975